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Drink Specials Fridays      12/31/2015

Every friday nite @  AZHYLUM NITE CLUB. 95/23 Church Ave, Bet. 95/96

US Rumble      10/10/2015

 Looks like Irish and Chin is lining up for this years World Clash.  King Fargo, Broken Silence, Love People, King Shine, Innocent Sound, Black Hustler and Nexxt Level will be battling out to see who deserves to be considered.  Be at Amuzara on Oct 10.

Dream Weekend The Escape      8/10/2015

Weddy Weddy 11th Anniversary      7/29/2015

 Hot dance at Stone Love Headquarters look out!!

Club in the Streetz      6/29/2015

Marvets Bar a di place to be St. Bess

Saints and Freaks      5/31/2015

Rack City a di place to be on May 29 

Krush Sexy Secret Edition      5/25/2015

A must!! 

British 2015 Link Up      5/25/2015

Bikini's Tops Sexy Edition      5/18/2015

RackCity tun up!! May 15 

Mek you table do the talking      5/18/2015
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