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Sound Trooper Vs Zone Warrior @ St Thomas 2015 Pt2      7/14/2015

Bad dance this yah!! pure new tunes a buss


STONE LOVE @ GUYS HILL ,BOUNTY KILLER.2015 cd1      5/17/2015

Poor people fedup, the "Killer" live and direct on the Stone Love machine. Nuff lyrics a chat live


STONE LOVE @ GUYS HILL ,Bounty Killer,Iyara,Ginjah,Ibamahr.Tony Curtis.2015 C,D 2      5/17/2015

Stone Love live with Bounty Killer, Ginjah, Ibamahr, Tony Curtis and many more.... Pulllllll UP!!!!!!! 


Weddy Weddy 18-3-15 PT.1      5/17/2015

Jamaica longest running live Wednesday nite party house. Weddy Weddy at Stone love Headquarters. Da Cd ya Shell down!! 


Weddy Weddy 18-3-15 Pt.2      5/17/2015

Longest running one nite dancshall event in JA. Shell Down!! at Stone Love Headquarters 


JARO @ PORTLAND,Buru Banton,Tony Tuff,Daddy Shark.5.4.2014.CD1      5/12/2015

Original live danehall with selector Ricky Trooper at the control, along side, Josey Wales, General Trees, Daddy Shark , Burru Banton, Tony Tuff....


JARO @ PORTLAND,Josey,Buru,Little Twicth,Little John,Trees.5.4.2014.CD3      5/6/2015

Jaro big and bad with some original dancehall vibes live!! 


High Tension Sound- G. Trees C. Chaplin L. John J. Cat Gringo      5/6/2015

Live dance, dance bad nuh hell, General Tree, Charlie chaplin, L. John, J. Cat and Gringo


Jaro @ York Town[Flower Dance] Pt. 1      5/6/2015

The big bad Jaro, with Freddy and the crew


Jaro @ York Town[Flower Dance],Junior Cat,Luciano,Cocoa Tea. Pt. 2      5/6/2015

Up close and personal, Coco Tea, Luciano, Junior Cat on the big bad Jaro 

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