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The Best of Munga (DJ Scope)      5/13/2008 DJ scope put together this best of Munga for all the Hardcore reggae and dancehall fans that have to have there munga. With his splendid mix of one of Dancehall Reggae's up and comming artist he has put himself and Munga Honourable in the reggae spot light.   

Clean Hardcore Reggae Mix      5/10/2008 Mark watson has one of the most inovative Hardcore Reggae Styles today. Spinning for you the lates reggae duplates is the electrifying trip through hardcore reggae music of the times. The is trully reggae music to add to the colleciton.   

Higher Hights Chiney K Mix      5/5/2008 DJ Ryan bring you this lively uptempt Hardcore Reggae mix. His style is like none other if your not familiar with this dancehall reggae DJ pick up this CD, you'll be glad you did.   

Natural Vibes Singers Choice 30      5/2/2008 Natural vibes has been bring good Reggae Music to Brooklyn, New York for years now. I first heard there CD in a barber shop on 55th and church ave. Hardcore Reggae is pleased and you will be too...   

Ghetto Force Lovers Rock 2k7      4/28/2008

This wonderful compilation of Reggae lovers rock will keep you and your that special someone in each other arms all night. It's good when a young reggae sound can show that mixing dancehall reggae is and art...


Day Break      4/15/2008 Niko Supreme continues to impress the reggae massive with his witty mix of hardcore reggae chunes. Featuring special dublates from reggae artist like Movado, Bounty killer, Stephen & Damian Marley, Vibez Kartel... The mix and choice of music is great.   

Daggering      4/11/2008 Cash Money, Scratchy B and the crew bring you "The Daggering" a nice hardcore dancehall reggae mix complete with explicit lyrics from all your favorite reggae entertainers.   

World Beat DJ Rondon Culture Mix 16      4/1/2008

dj.rondon culture mix vol.16 speaks of itself with some of the most foundation artist with some upto date song thats tearing up the reggae music chart all over the world.


Art of War      3/14/2008 The Art of war is a studio mix, no talking CD. The latest Hardcore Dancehall Reggae music, featuring all the veteran hardcore reggae singers like, Bounty Killa and Cobra,   

DJ Kenny Ganster Mix Vol 7      3/13/2008 DJ Kenny Gangster Mix Volume 10 feature a Hardcore Reggae medly of Reggae music that will make you understand why the call him eva hype...   
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